Monday, September 3, 2012

Tripolis Pumakkale Turkey

A very nice hotel well located for Hierapolis and Pumakkale, offers a large buffet where you can enjoy breakfast and lunch as well as dine in the evenings on the restaurant or close to the swimming pool which was nice. However the weather had turned really cold with the heavy rain.
As for the overall ambience; This is very unlike of other hotel buffets is pretty casual, simple but laid back. Also had a good view over the cotton castle, petrified waterfalls and a series of terraced basins and next to ancient Roman Hierapolis.
 Everything was elaborately presented with intricate fruits carvings. It was stunning!
To complete our stay in this hotel, we head over to the restaurant for dinner. They provided a wide variety of food including delicious salad, cakes and desserts, bread, stew and roasted meat, etc. It is probably good if you are vegetarian.
I walked around the buffet table and was thrilled to see all of the selections. Once I noticed the tomato and fennel salad, mixed greens, chopped olives with beans and chilli as well goat cheese I was hooked!
Red lentil soup with rice and  thin bread is more crispy and tortilla like but thicker. It was really good.
I was eyeing the salad beetroot, acili ezme, baby lettuce with haydari dressing it is just plain tasty, but it is healthier.
For my main course, I tried the beef casserole with carrot, stew chicken boring but moist and tasty and rice was a nice addition.
The list of desserts goes beyond rice pudding, lady's navel, fruits tarts, dried figs stuffed with walnuts, cake rolls, revani, gullac-güllaç, un helvasi-flour halva, etc.
Out of all the desserts, who could have resisted the rich variety of sweeties. The leche flan was silky smooth and thick with walnut grain on top, plus dried figs stuffed with walnut is light not-too-sweet syrup.
Even though I have to get rid with too much calories, I decided to give it a try the rice pudding, almond cake, and tart and share with my daughter. The pudding was so smooth and sweet, but not over-sweetened at the same time. Overall the food is healthy is worth it if you're very hungry.
Tripolis Hotel
Kale Mahallesi Adnan Kahveci Bulvari No:90, 20800 Pamukkale-Denizli, Turkey
Tel No: 90-258-2723333

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