Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Aziziye Restaurant Kusadasi Turkey

The Aziziye restaurant is located only 8 kilometer away from Kusadasi and few kilometer away from Ephesus Antique City and sacred place of Virgin Mary. The interior is a stylishly contemporary but traditional a sense of cosiness, spacious enough to accomodate groups. They had at least shops situated right next to each other.
We ate at this restaurant as part of our Biblical Tour of Ephesus. The semi-buffet dishes were modified to suit local tastes you will be able to find items ranging salads, casserole chicken, aubergine, potatoes or vegetables cooked in olive oil and more are displayed on serving trays. For appetiser, we started off with this light salad of cucumber, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, fennel and green chilli pickle tossed in balsamic vinegar was simple yet refreshing.
The red lentil soup with very subtle and exquisite flavors has an even, smooth consistency which is just meant for soaking the bread in.
And though there are some veggies stew and salad items. I usually end up enjoying the lentil salad and vegetable dishes more than the protein items.
On my curiosity I try the yogurt drink a foamy and bubbly Ayran. I'm not gonna say negative or positive comment about this drink. Have you ever tried Ayran? I would love to hear from you.
The one meat dish, a simple chicken stew paled in comparison under seasoned and a dab of saffron rice and mixed vegetables.
 At the end of the meal have a small cup of Turkish coffee for extra order.
As for the Turkish desserts, I had a few desserts and share with my family, were all a little bland and overly high in sugar. Overall I really liked the atmosphere and the food didn't involve anything grilled and nothing special but pretty good regardless.

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