Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meşhur Köfteci Ali UstaTekirdag & Sütiş Taksim Istanbul Turkey

I heard about this place, It’s notorious and famous for its delicious meatballs (köfte). After getting very bored with only buffet meals. We were so pleased when we arrived and entered the restaurant. The place was packed with locals but the service was quick and attentive. On an unassuming corner on main road.  Meshur Köfteci Ali Usta was casually elegant open-air it creates bright and roomy ambiance and it had a lively atmosphere.
For the first course, we were served the shepherd salad of onion, cucumber, tomatoes with parsley.
The second course was the daily soup, this being Turkey, we were of course provided with an entire lentil soup which was a bit bland and watery.  
And then came lamb kopte with sigara böreği or Turkish cheese spring rolls, garnish the plates with some sort of vegetable or salad. The meatballs itself it might be look like the skinless longaniza it reminds me of home. The difference though, is that kofte meatballs can have any variety of meats, and spices added to it. However, is the way this dish is cooked-grilled to perfection. Skinless longaniza can also be prepared with different types of meat, which have a peppery salty, sweet and sour taste, similar to hamonado. The kofte tekirdag is typical of soft consistency, however lacked a little flavor and were a bit dry and  slightly bland disappointment.
Well all the the choices we were given on the tour itself, not much seafood. They also offered up some pretty grilled chicken kebab marinated with saffron a tangy and tart spice essential in Middle Eastern cuisine. It quickly became one of my favorite dishes in Turkey. The chicken kebabs are tender juicy meat  has a nice creamy little sauce. The food that ensued was one of the best we’ve had after a long time on track with buffet meals.
Meshur Köfteci Ali Usta
Ertugrul Mh.  59100 Tekirdag/Tekirdag Province, Turkey
0282 261 3590
My daughter and I was having eye surgery at the Memorial Hospital in Istanbul because of the bus accident on our way back to Istanbul. We have been staying at the Sheraton Istanbul Maslak Hotel for a couple days. My husband and our son went to Taksim and were brought us a typical Turkish meal would be complete without eating more kabob, known in Turkey as the kebap. chicken, lamb and kofte, which is a spicy meatball, that I was looking forward on our entire journey in Turkey. Sütiş is located on the Taksim Square in Istanbul featuring various meat dishes, salads, and a huge selection of sweet desserts. They will let you choose some small, large or half portions so you can taste the wide variety of grilled meat they combine.
One quick note on the fresh vegetables and salad pictured here. The salad shines in its simplicity and dressed in olive oil  was a bit bland but good!
Finally we have to mention their Pide which is described fairly as Turkish pizza. I suppose that's the nearest description. It's a shape oblong bread base with few toppings then it's folded over around the edges. We had one with a very tasty sausage and cheese lovely and melted, and one with mince both were amazing.
I was envious of the mixed grill such as meat balls, lamb shish kebab, chicken kebab, isknder kebab with grilled reb bell pepper and green chili. Perfectly cooked, every single piece was coated with sauce, oozing with grease and accompanied by bulgar rice and mashed potato. All are quite good and are a good budget choice for lunch or an affordable dinner.
I did not try the döner wrap but, I was surely that it was good!
And they did was bring out a Turkish bread which is crusty on the outside.
Out of all the desserts; We sampled lokum in different flavor like rosewater with pistachios, hazelnuts.
Pistachio baklava deserves credit. Unleavened dough is crisp, flaky and a light not-too-sweet. Something that I can make in my own kitchen. The food at Sutis was great and reasonably priced. If you're looking for good place to try! Without a doubt, this was the best meal we have had. Well recommended this restaurant.
Sutis Taksim
Istiklal Caddesi No. 7 Beyoğlu/Istanbul, Turkey

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