Thursday, August 30, 2012

Uranos Sarikaya Cave Restaurant Cappadocia Turkey

Uranos Sarikaya restaurant its in the heart of a cave in the mountain of Gerome area in Urgup. The atmosphere of the cave make you feel cool in the summer and perhaps even warm in the winter.
Dimly lit and outfitted with furnishings made simply tables, benches, railings, columns and doorways are carved in place from the stone of the mountain.
Some old farm equipment, Turkish carpet and such adorned the walls.
The travel agency took us to this cave restaurant for lunch. It is obviously a place that many tour guides take their clients. As you walk into the restaurant you smell the flavors of the foods from the kitchen. The staff led us past a the narrow passageway and to our table, which was located next to the center of the wall. Eating in the cave was fun, it was like we were explore back in the old days when christian hide and live in the caves.
This extraordinary restaurant also features an excellent Gerome Turkish specialties. For starters we had a corbasi soup with bread which was some meat, vegetables and bulgur its surprisingly light broth balances the flavor.
Turkish Mezze Platter
The appetizer was plentiful mixed mezze platter which includes haydari, freshly made cheese, and several other delectable was placed on the table.
Mezze is the meal of choice as everything looks tastes so good!
The staff showed us the content of the pot which was slow cooked beef stew or testi kebab is a Anatolia dish served in Gerome. Its essentially a large pot that is sealed in bread dough and put into an oven for an extended period of time.
To serve the dish, the clay pot is cracked open with a large knife and poured out and serve in individual plates with delicious rice as our main course. The meat is so tender and flavorful very similar taste between beef caldereta, mechado and afritada was quite interesting and difficult to explain, except to say that it was pretty good.
The next main course was a sliced of beef I loved this dish, it’s very beefy in flavor and the sauce is amazing. It tasted like Filipino beef asado it is also served with rice, we all opted for the same dessert  it was called rice pudding. The food was really delicious it's worth a visit would like to return some day.
Uranos Sarikaya Cave Restaurant
Akbel Mevkii 50500/AVANOS, Urgup Turkey

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