Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kadioğlu Şehzade Konağı & Safran Tat Safranbolu Turkey

Safranbolu is a UNESCO World Heritage City it is a small picturesque town full of old Ottoman houses and also famous with its lokums. The restaurant offers its own distinct style and beautifully decorated with brilliant details, which makes it a perfect spot is so romantic, peaceful and beautiful in the little garden with the fountain and such a perfect place for dinner. Since it was set by travel agency our expectation is not that high it's just the same meal for everyone. Before we arrived in Istanbul we really know what to expect. We always asked with our Taiwanese local tour guide if we had chance and there is any good restaurant near by the hotels we live every night and he has no idea, poor tour guide!
Anyway we had 4 course meal, which a bread, soup, salad, main course and dessert.
The salad was tossed in olive oil and lemon it was very simple, tangy, light and fresh salad.
The corbasi or lentil soup  came with lemon was a little to watery. The lemon adds zest to the soup, which is not actually needed, the soup would be fine without it.
Stir fried lamb together with a side of pilaf rice.  The lamb chopped were nice and tender, absolutely yummy it remind me again the pork sizzling sigsig in Philippines it taste quite a bit similar. The dessert is not baklava or anything one would fancy, but a plate of watermelon slices and grapes that the same dessert we just eaten at Tamara restaurant in Istanbul.
Kadioğlu Şehzade Konağı
No:8 Safranbolu Merkez, Safranbolu Karabuk, Turkey
Having walked around for sometime we had all gained quite thirsty. There was just enough time to make a quick stop in a small tea house and view over Safranbolu .
We never had saffron tea before and I am very pleased to have come across this blend. The saffron tea is a bright gold brew served with honey is apparent smooth, bold, earthy and delicious flavored tea also very unusual.  I certainly encourage readers to try their saffron tea. If you are planning to visit Safranbolu
Safran Tat was  taken in the evening

After filling up on the ample breakfast, we walk down the hill from the hotel to the old town center. One sweet shop is the main tourist shop is actually called Safran Tat decorated with candy or Turkish Delight. The little store sell baklava and one of the best high quality saffron in all Turkey and of course lokum it was more delicious! The prices are way cheaper than Istanbul.
I ordered take out some assorted of baklava which was really awesome and delicious with the pistacios on top, all soaking up their syrupy goodness.
 Baklava rolls
Chocolate baklava
 Walnut baklava
Last but not least is the gullac top with pistachio nuts. Overall, it's a good place and I'm sure a lot of heart goes into what they're doing. Their baklava is one of the best we ever had in Turkey.
Safran Tat
Safranbolu, KarabükTurkey

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