Friday, January 4, 2013

Bangkok Jam

Taipei 101 was a great place on celebrating the New Year Eve and most of the restaurants are quite packed. So we went to Bangkok Jam, the decor of the restaurant is modern bistro-styled interior with a lot of interesting wall decorations. The service it can be a bit hard to get their attention but maybe because it was too many people are waiting and dining during near midnight New Year Celebration and that they are kind of busy. They forgot our steam rice so you have to remind them, but we can relate that it was full and chaotic inside out the restaurant.
After placing our order, we were served with our drinks was a coconut juice and Thai milk tea then followed by our dishes. The crispy fried chicken on a bed of cabbage in sweet and sour sauce was extremely tasty.
Next up, the pad thai a sweet and salty stir fried of thin rice noodles with seafood it was only slightly warm and delicious.
Thai stir fried beef fillet with basil was thinly sliced tender beef fillets sauteed in sweet and sour flavor with some long beans and basil over it. Would please any beef fans.
We also try their Thai-style drunken spaghetti. This dish surprised each mouthful with the sweet and sour taste of the sauce was a striking combination.
The shrimp pancakes it was slightly a bit chewy.
The thai chicken curry and coconut sauce is one of my husband favorite dish on that night.
For the appetizer is a Vietnamese-style fresh sprig roll wrap with some vegetables and grilled pork with sweet and sour tamarind sauce to dunk each piece. A great dipping sauce that was a lovely by the way!
I ordered a small bowl of seafood in red tom yam, I love the sweetness, sourness, tanginess salty, and spicy of this soup and it was hot and comforting. The flavour’s just fantastic, all in all the food at Bangkok Jam was worth the money and the pricing are reasonable. However there was a slightly disappointment, they don't offer rice and no desserts on their menu. But would definitely be back again!
Bangkok Jam ATT4Fun Taipei
5F, No. 12,Songshou Road, Sinyi District
Taipei City.
Tel: 02-77373886

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