Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shanghai Dumpling

This Chinese restaurant is located at the 7th floor Big City Mall in Hsinchu City another Shanghai dining favorite. While it's nothing too extravagant the decor and interior is very modern with subtle hints of Asian culture exudes warmth and intimacy which makes for a heart-warming affair at the restaurant. We have come to Shanghai Dumpling a few times and the food is always good and delicious. It is a very popular place but it doesn’t take long for the queue to build up.
This is one of my husband favorite chicken dishes to have on everytime we come here. Which is drunken chicken, soaked in wine, up until the moment you remove the chicken from its bath and set it on the plate to eat. This chicken is cold and juicy.
The whole tomato lobster salad was really interesting and delicious. I did like the presentation of the tomatoes loaded with lobster and the sauce is light and creamy.
Next we try the Taiwanese beef noodle. The noodles were pleasantly firm to the touch, the soup was mild in flavor and the meat was tender with some firm bok choy topped off the dish which was the perfect addition.
This was one of my favorite dishes here, is the handmade noodles 'stir fry seafood noodles' It was so simple, but really interesting and tasty. 
Another one of my favorite dishes here, is the pan fried dumplings a crispy, chewy dumpling skin with a pork were piping hot and so filling! The combination of cabbage meat somewhow it taste like fish ball and the sweet-sour sauce provided relief.
Were in a classic kind of mood, so we also order these steamed pork dumplings. They were made from scratch after you order them, and steamed to the perfection. But I think we'd still prefer the steamed dumplings specially the steamed chicken dumplings from Din Tai Fung.
And we were just getting warmed up. My husband ordered a whole steamed seabass with pickle fragrant manjack tree or bird lime tree with shredded scallion and soy sauce. These little berries look like a tiny green olives tasted like mildly sweet olives. I’m not a fan of whole steamed fish I always prefer steamed cod or fish fillet without head and tail. Nevertheless it was healthy, non-greasy, delicious fish.
 Next up is the deep fried lamb chop in garlic and scallion flavored it was also the only one where we didn’t finish the entire plate.
Deep-fried taro-stuffed toast roll with sesame, these are a must have after the heavy meal.
Last but not least  is the custard steamed buns. The golden lava filling is a molten, buttery, yolky sweetness, fluffy and utterly delicious. When served piping hot, these are amazing. Overall, the service is always promptly the food was pretty good..decent. Great place to grab dumplings and noodles in a big shopping mall in Hsinchu.
Shanghai Dumpling
(Big City) 7F No.229 Zhongyang Road, East District Hsinchu City

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