Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jane Xiang HK Style Restaurant 珍香港式飲茶

We have known Jane Xiang for more than 15 years now and they have been nothing but consistently and turned out to be good quality affordable Hon Kong Chinese food. It's been a while since we've eaten here though so we made plans to have dinner after Miaoli. The restaurant is full when we arrived even its almost past 8 p.m. when we got there. But we were lucky that one family just left a table so we were seated and taken care of right away. The menu features a variety of Chinese food and dim sum, there are so many different dishes to choose from. The interior is pretty much the same as it was nothing fancy but it's very nice, decent and traditional. Once we were done ordering after 15-20 minutes the food was served shortly.
The baked bbq pork pastry has always been one of the dim sum that I will order first. The crispy exterior had browned and glazed while the interior was simple sweet savory pork filling and did not disappoint.
The steamed prawn dumplings is another dim sum which I would not fail to order. They’re delicate, the succulent prawns contained by the thinly light moist skin and a burst of flavor on the inside.
Another dish that my husband he couldn’t refrain from ordering because he knows I'm a big fan of pork intestine was a deep fried pork intestine served with pineapple chunks and mustard sauce. The skin was crisp  that gives way to a more chewy experience after the first bite with nary a hint of salty and fragrant spice . However...I realized that the intestines were a little too oily and tasteless.
Having more to satisfied our pallate, we moves onto stir fry prawns with egg and scallion. This was so far the best egg and prawn we have had. The flavor was amazing! The egg it wasn't overcooked, the prawns was really fresh and perfect portion size as well!
Assorted meat grill platter a combination of roasted chicken, duck and pork with its fatty crispy skin it goes well with the pickle cabbage or bao chai they provide along with the sauce. The duck and chicken was exquisitely juicy were bursting with flavours.
Another favorite of us at this place is the rice hot pot in savory soy sauce top with cantonese sausages and vegetables was superb.
Our server she asked me to take a picture while mixing the rice. This dish is very tasty especially after mixing it with soy sauce. The best part of eating this dish is the rice on the bottom got very crispy when you have to scrape off the burnt rice that stuck unto the pot to get some mouthfuls of rice had that nice smokey flavour.
Next up, the seafood pan fried noodle it had ingredients such as squid, shrimp, roast pork meat, sea white cucumber I gues a bit of vegetables like bok choy. The noodle is quickly deep fried and placed at the bottom of the plate to be covered and everything was swimming in a thick and starchy soy sauce. The food is delicious, the restaurant is full throughout the opening time. So make a reservation before coming in this restuarant.
Jane Xiang HK Style Restaurant 珍香港式飲茶
No 59, Nanda Road, Hsinchu City
Tel No: 03525 7266 

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