Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sea And Delicious Food 地中海景觀餐廳

A few minutes drive from our house in Hsinchu City. Nanliao is a Hsinchu fishing harbor although lacking good beaches, there's a handful of restaurants for you to pick and dine. All of restaurants here appeared similar to me, in term of price and ambience, just pick anyone pleasing you and the food with similar values and various cooking methods. Most of the restaurants beside the dock on the second floor at fish market were very agressive in attracting customers to dine-in at their place, I dont like that kind of approach. So we choose Sea And Delicious Food a restaurant which facing the waterfront and we were seated beside the window much more relaxing.
The place had quite a good crowd when we arrived. they had a comprehensive menu. As soon as we walked in past the many tanks filled with  fresh seafood. We are trying to choose fresh local catch  to find out  various fish and seafood.
After placing our order and first dishes, which arrived is the king prawns NT$250 each prawn. I love the way it cooked which was steamed. Underneath the prawns was a surprise of glass noodles absorbs all the yummy flavours drizzled down by the top layer of fresh water prawn.
Soon after, the grilled jack fish arrived in all its glory it was beautifully cooked, with a nicely seasoned crunch.
There’s just something about eating with your fingers that seems so enjoyable. These deep fried seafood roll it is served with ketchup sauce. The crust was very crisp and surprisingly light. This could easily be a great starter.
The stir fry oyster noodles which does not look very appetizing to me. However it was delicious with mild saltish flavour, my kids liked it! And almost nothing left on the plate.
A plate of asplenium lightly stir fried to taste the natural flavour of the fresh green plant and one of my favorite Hakka dish.
Surprisingly they also offer a stir fry pig intestines with ginger and vinegar and always my favorite dish and one of the best I ever tasted than the previous Hakka restaurants I visited in the past. It was delicious and I keep taking more and more of to supplement my rice. Overall: Comparing the price to the seafood restaurants in Yilan a little bit expensive. But I think it was pretty reasonable for such plentiful seafood meal. It seems like all the dishes that we have ordered above is excellent in taste and you will need to finish it. We definitely one of our list for seafood cravings in Hsinchu.
Sea And Delicious Food 地中海景觀餐廳
No. 241 Nanliao Street Hsinchu City
Tel No: 03-5368688

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