Monday, July 25, 2011

Belsfield Hotel Lake Distict Windermere

We drive through the English uplands and we enjoy a scenic drive to the Lake District home of the poet and writer, stopping in Belsfeild Hotel for lunch. This is a sweet attraction with adorable character of the Peter Rabbit World and Beatrix Potter.
The hotel is a magnificent looking building from the outside with fantastic view of the lake. That overlooks Windermerre and the Cumbrian Hills really left me spellbound with its beautiful gardens charm and elegance country house.
When exiting from the main entrance at the rear of the hotel had a lot of character for the Victorian era.
We sat on window with this magnificent view is to die for and definitely somewhere to sit down to enjoy lunch, it was a very laid back atmosphere.
For the starter we had a fresh salad with balsamic vinegar and a piece of warm bread was delicious and butter it up!
For the main course we had a English roasted pork garnished with cabbage, carrots, roasted potatoes in horseradish sauce. The pork it was melt in the mouth quality.
This 2 selection of cheeses in a great looking manner, serve with few types of grapes and celery stick hits after lunch.
Our favorite part is the dessert, I think it was carrot cake but it taste very different than the one we had in Starbucks and Costa Coffee.This nothing more fulfilling than sweet decadent dessert. One of the most extraordinary carrot cake I've tasted; it was warm, moist, fluffy texture of nutty flavor with delectable melted cream sauce as well. It taste like heaven on earth yummy!
Then a large serving of chocolate cake, it was very good and rich in flavor is too overpoweringly sweet! I will have to say that perhaps being have an experienced to dine here. This place is a gem through every moments of our lives in English country side, it was fabulous with satisfying meals. Thumbs up for the Belsfield, If we will be back someday or in the future in Lake District, I would love to spend days here.
The Belsfield Hotel
Kendal Rd LA23 3EL,
Windermere, United Kingdom

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