Sunday, July 24, 2011

Old Smithy Restaurant & Bistro Pierre

After our short days in Scotland and drove back to the England, we stopped in The Blacksmiths Shop at Gretna Green Scotland for afternoon break. Then visited the shops which had lots of lovely souvenir gifts, then we asked to the staff where we can find a place to eat, they told us this Old Smithy Restaurant.
It has a self-service here for the most part so you have to physically go and select your cakes and sandwich had on display in the fridge and get your coffee on the machine or a pot of tea and pay at the counter. Me and daughter we picked out the scones filled with cream and jam and it was huge. I wasn't surprised that the scones were not warm here, as they have been in the fridge but still delicious.
We also had a huge sliced of classic Victoria sponge cake a rich butter cream filling and delicious jam was brilliant.
A horn shaped puff pastry topped with sugar, filled with whipped pastry cream, such a big size!
Then we had both a glass of cappuccino to enjoy the afternoon. Nothing very spectacular about the restaurant, the ambience was nice, but it sure is an ideal place to stop-off. The scones with cream and jam were recommend, and they were good, they also have a light snack to cooked meals.
The Old Smithy Restaurant
Gretna Green in Scotland.
Located in the heart of button street, in the core of Liverpool’s cavern quarter next to Matthew Street, and is a bustling French restaurant that is both casual, chic, formal and informal. Serving delectable traditional French cuisine. The bistro has a rustic decor, let say is cozy and romantic; enhanced by subdued lighting, soft french classic music, simple wooden furniture and candle -lit in each dinning tables. But too much chairs and tables are scattered around inside the restaurant that makes you feel hot and crowd.
This time for the main course had a complimentary of toasted bread with cheese . These french bread was burned to a crisp with this gooey melted mozarella cheese rests on top.
We really appreciated eating this English style beef steak with this savory and delicious french sauce. I will tell you, this steak was one of the toughest, hardest to chew pieces of meat. When we asked to the staff how come the steak was so tough and they said that's the way they cooked in England.
We also had a plate of steamed vegetables loaded with beans, beetroot, potatoes, carrots and cauliflower that had zero flavor because basically they boiled and unseasoned. It tasted not so fresh, though the beetroot was acceptable.
Now for the sweet tooth! We had a cream puffs filled with chocolate sauce drizzled over the top. This is disaster, the cream puffs was too cold and very soft it wasn't flaky or crunchy in the outside. This is a perfect example when we expect too much about eating french food. It was bland unexciting experience, we were very disappointed unfortunately not that expensive.
Pierre Bistro
14 Button Street
Liverpool, Merseyside L2 6PS, United Kingdom

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