Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jamie Oliver Fifteen Restaurant in London

Back in London we were in Fifteen restaurant for lunch, just last July 12 and I booked on the top table before coming in the UK for a family summer vacation. We thought it would be a treat to go to Fifteen. Me and my daughter were a big fan of Jamie and I loved his simplicity and humble cooking style. I have been curious to try about his food and so we arrived in Fifteen and the building it looks rustic gives it slightly more upscale atmosphere.
Upon entering the first floor we wait for a few minutes in a bar lounge. Then a receptionist sends us downstairs we're led to our seats. The restaurant, which was almost empty when we arrived, was just about completely filled up with foodie and well-heeled fashionistas. Our waiter he was wonderful! the interior can best be described as retro/modern and understated. A perfect combination for a place that serves simply prepared clean food. The menu is Italian fare and changes daily.
After placing our order, we're presented with this rosemary foccacia with olive oil to dunk it in.
Our starters arrived was a 'Panzanella" a Tuscan bread salad with isle of wight tomatoes, basil and fontodi estate olive oil. It was tangy-sweet-cidery-citrusy-crunchy, it sound interesting? It was truly a delicious antipasti.
Next we also had a hot smoked sea trout with radicchio, amalfi lemon, florence fennel, gherkin and horseradish aioli.
Just the right before our main course we were served with our selected drinks. My husband ordered the margarita cocktail garnished with thinly sliced of red chili on top gave it an extra spicy kick.
Kids and I went for the non alcoholic with these fresh fruit strawberry vanilla and sweet lemonade, both drinks were great.
As main courses, my son went for the linguine with roast cherry tomatoes, rope-grown mussels, capers amd air-dried mullet roe. I must say thanks Jamie for this dish. I've never seen my boy eating mussels and I thought it was a good start for him. The mussels were very fresh, he do love the flavour of the sauce that was used for this pasta dish, and linguine it cook al dente.
My husband had a roast house-salted pollock with Tuscan chick peas, rainbow chard and herby creme fraiche. Simply it was flaky-zingy-delicious!
I had a braised shoulder of cumbrian rare-breed pork with florence fennel, broad leaf spinach and tarragon sauce. The luscious pork, garnished with veggies. It was melt in your mouth, tender, unctuous and full flavoured meat savoury jus.
My daughter went for the ligthes potato gnocchi with isle of wight tomatoes, green olives, basil and ricotta salata. They were not exaggerating with this description. These creamy texture of gnocchi with sweet tomato, these were outstanding! She let me to try some, apparently it was perfectly cooked. I haven't had gnocchi like this. They were soft and creamy texture, perfect!
To finish with we ordered 4 desserts to share, they were gorgeous stuff and we all cleared our plates! First we had a amedei chocolate tart with guava sorbet and passion fruit sauce. Subtle and sweet and yummy.
Trio of ices with mixed berry coulis and citrus shortbread (presented a deconstructed model of sorbet) The sauce and the gelato are great, but the actual dessert itself is a fruit.
The grilled peaches with candied apple ice cream, raspberry sauce and toasted almonds. It was perfect blowingly simple with this warm peach and toasted bits of almond flakes had the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.
My favourite among this dessert is these basil pannacotta with balsamic strawberries and biscotti. It was perfect complex and the strawberries pairing silky pannacotta. Infused with thick sweet balsamic vinegar sauce, absolutely delicious. Overall, Jamie Oliver ability is up to the standard of his predecessors a combination of talent in the kitchen, an excellent selection. The staff was attentive and very professional. The atmosphere was great though not magical because we were seated in the basement is not a good idea specially on summer. The food is very good, I can say it was solid, and Jamie Oliver's concept is really quite awesome.
Fifteen London
15 Westland Place
City of London N1 7LP, United Kingdom


ning said...

Fabulous updates.

kiki from taipei said...

Wow fabulous have you meet Jamie?

Anonymous said...

Jamie food it was delicious but a little serving and expensive.