Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chez Jenny Paris France

It was a long journey from London to Paris after we check in on our hotel. We went on this beautiful decorative french restaurant and recommend by the staff at the Hotel De Paris. This place sits on the middle of Paris it is in Rebublique section.
A pleasant room with a decorated in lovely marquetry and panelling, light bright windows, scarlet banquettes and antique details. Tables are pre-laid with cutlery, napkins, glasses etc, and the fresh seafood on display. The indoor/outdoor restaurant and it looks very nice and romantic inside. Ops!... Don't be excited were not talking about their foods yet!
Upon entering we was greeted by the staff as we're led to our seats. Given us the english menu and they knew were tourist. The food was a surprise as it seemed more German than French. It was really hard to choose what to eat, so we go for the set meal course for my kids and ala carte for me and my husband. Right after ordering we were brought a basket of french bread. We start the evening with terrine de foie gras de canard served with toasted baguette, carmelized onion and pickle relish, the terrine foei de gras pate generally seemed like something that came out a can, it wasn't fresh!
Here is the second of the two appetizer. The cherry tomatoes halves mozzarella and herbs sauce. Inspired by the Italian classic caprese salad it was delicious, refreshing and true to its simple nature.
Me and my husband we ordered French onion soup for our first course. At first glance the broth looked rich in flavor had several croutons and was topped with melted gruyere. My husband warned me it was too salty, then I try the spoonful of the broth and my first word 'holly cow' it's very salty it just lines the back of your throat. We did not touch it after a spoon of it, our server pete wondering why we didn't like the soup? The portion was great but sadly it was really too salty and not pleasant can cause raised blood pressure.
Our main course arrived! The roast duck breast, carrots with cummins, honey and a juniper berry sauce. The meat was chewy and which were golden and crispy outside and coated in lovely sauce.
The roast cod with grilled aubergine it was cooked fine and tasted normal but really was not special.
The roast chicken bread it was a little overcooked and dry on the inside and flavorless. Perhaps as a result of its long acquaintance with a heat. But the mashed potato was good and served warm.
My order came last, and I had high expectations for my grilled trout and I miss eating fish so much and most of the time we ate meat on our travels in UK,  and my fish  it was a bit disappoint but acceptable. The latter was full of bones to the point of being quite a hindrance to actually enjoying my food. The grilled trout served with a aubergines, tomatoes, bell pepper, olives and etc. along with a sauce of some sort that I cannot quite identify was very good thou.
After our main course our server pete brought us the menu. Despite of being disappointed on other dishes. We decided were not going for a fancy sweet desserts. We ordered a simple one, it ended up being the perfect suggestion because kids loved the creme brulee. It was creamy with a nice sweet flavor.
The strawberries with ice cream and whipped cream on top, it taste normal nothing fancy and special about it. Ambience was lovely and beautiful inside the restaurant, the service was ok; our waiter he was very helpful and spoke in english well much better than I do. But the food was disappointed. I think most of the customer there were tourists.
Chez Jenny
39 Boulevard Du Temple 75003 Paris France.

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