Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sushi Yaki Paris France

Well, upon first entering this sushi restaurant just beside our hotel. We honestly felt a overwhelmed at last we found a good restaurant has to offer a delicious satisfying meal. Not to minimize anyone's patronized french delicatessen, but sushi kyrptonite. When life gets stressful looking for dinner during our stay in Paris we come and made our way in here. We were served one person at a time and she was very efficient. By the way when we entered the restaurant, we didn't hear the usual irrashaimase instead bonjour!
We were seated and given menu immediately, then she brought us a pitch of water for free. Actually most of the restaurant in Paris you have to pay every single drop of water and much more expensive than wine. She also give us a warm wet towel to keep your hands clean before the meal. The decor of the restaurant quite modernised is very clean and simple, minimalist. Back to the meal, we ordered 3 tea pots of green/jasmine for our tea craving. The tea was not too strong nor not too weak and a bottled of coke for my boy.
Just as the food was set to arrive, we started up with this miso soup and cabbage salad in mild wasabi dressing. We’d be happy with just a soup and salad which were good and my daughter told us. It feels she was being transformed eating a Jap's food somewhere in Taiwan.
I order the sushi rolls and is to die for, a thin layer of salmon and avocado there were served on a wooden board. There was so much sushi but I scarfed it down! It was fresh-bliss as it crunched and exploded in my mouth. It taste like californian rainbow sushi roll.
We also had a assorted nigiri (raw fish on rice) and sushi roll. Well prepared with a good balance of rice and fish.
The prawn, tuna and salmon skewers combo with plain rice, were grilled to smoky perfection, salmon was delish. You can taste every ingredient so bursting with freshness.
We got their Plate combo meat skewers with plain rice, which had thinly sliced beef stuffed with cheese, meat ball, chicken, and pork belly  were all excellent. The beef stuffed with cheese it was melt in your mouth and flavorful. The rest of the meat it had a sweet glaze that wasn’t too sweet or overpowering.
Another fresh sushi roll and I'm struggled to take a picture because of the lightning effect inside the restaurant. However it was very simple deliciously fresh.
Next we had their pork gyoza  was pretty good, and not too oily. Its a shamed to say but we go for 4 rounds. Overall, I can say on our 3 days straight dining here during dinner time. The service was excellent on each of our visit. The dishes are well cooked, fresh in high quality and overall quite impressive. The price are extremely super value for money which mean very affordable, you cannot get a decent meal in Paris for under 10 euros. 
Sushi Yaki Restaurant Japonais
76, Rue De Turbigo 75003 Paris France

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