Thursday, July 21, 2011

Queen's Grill at The Queens Hotel & Monkbar Hotel

The Queen's Hotel is located in the town of center square of Leeds. On entering the hotel, it had seemed welcoming and clean, which contrasted with the Victorian seats and solid marble floors. We stayed in this hotel for just one night and having a dinner at the Queen's Grill. The minimalist, contemporary designs of the restaurant, coupled with a lively and buzzing atmosphere.
Our rooms was absolutely lovely, extremely comfortable and clean.
We started off with a carrot soup with bread and butter, the soup it was thick and heavy.
Because it was a local specialty, we tried the Shepherd's beef pie instead of lamb and topped with fluffy toasted mashed potatoes with vegetable.
While it looks mighty good, I was hoping for a traditional English delicious comfort food and nothing to shout about it.
 And for the finale we had a fresh seasonal fruits it took 1 hour to prepared. We spared and waste our time and for how long it takes to sliced and serve this fruits in the table?  The presentation of the food and taste was normal for UK's. The service were very slow... slow as you imagine. If you came from the country they doesn't take any amount of time you'll be impatient. However the service staff on that night was very friendly. The following morning we enjoyed the breakfast buffet. It was very good with lots of choices. But we didn't appreciate the characteristic who takes charge in the dinning room.
Queen's Grill at The Queen's Hotel
City Square, Leeds, United Kingdom
We've driven past this restaurant and stopped for the first time recently. The restaurant is brightly lit with simple decor.
A table bread with butter.
Since we are in the UK so we go for the typical English fish n' chips with peas, a 3 course meal with soup and white bread. The deep fry sole fish it was soft and moist, coated in golden crispy batter that was just about the right thickness.

Then we're very excited for the apple pie with fresh cream it was disappointment! Its too sour and not balanced for the sweetness. The service was quite a bit slow again. If you are just tourist and probably you don't want to waste of time its better you only can buy a take away American fast food, however ambience was great!
Monkbar Hotel
Saint Maurice's Road
York, North Yorkshire YO31 7JA, United Kingdom.

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