Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Terrace Bar Harrod's London

We had the pleasure of visiting Harrods I was just blown away, Harrod's has opened a branch in Taiwan as we have nothing like this in Taipei or in other major cities in Taiwan. We had a lot of computers, ipod, solar cell or advanced hi-technology but we don't have like this (Harrods) here, that you can find-buy anything as in everything or you can get what you want or not want at the time in one place. They also have many laptop computers, mobile phones are made in Taiwan. Quite frankly, the food hall is amazing. But the interior of the department store is,,,,,, for me Taipei 101 is much more elegance and well organized inside. We don't shop that much in Harrod's as we done it already in Paris. Just bought something as a gifts back home and some good stuff for my kids. Then we arranged a special afternoon tea at Georgian Restaurant before watching the night show of Phantom of the Opera.
The ambiance and decor created a really intimate vibe that will definitely leave the guests amazed of how glamour and style, classy sipping on tea can be, is where the aristocracy used to dine.
Upon the time we make reservation, the staff she so kindly to suggest and recommend to us that we were seated at the Terrace Bar. Where most British people spent their tea outside or patio's is the way to enjoy a truly traditional afternoon tea experience.
Of course, being afternoon tea, the first thing that came is this oozing bubbling glass of champagne for me and for my husband and cheers for us, that we made our journey in Paris and London by ourselves without any tour guide. The champagne was great, but were not really a champagne lovers. I prefer sweet ice wine. The taste of champagne described as mingled with refreshing I love the fragrance. However if you let it taste on your tongue for too long it gets a litter bitter.
Shortly after the champagne flute, the platter of sandwiches and assortment of sweets came in 3 tier presentation. Everything looked delicious and pretty, and this is a platter for 4 people.
So how was the food, let's do it layer by layer. First layer, Harrod's freshly made sandwiches which was a food finger sandwiches: Goat's cheese mousse on pumpernickel, ham and pickle sandwich, smoked salmon-spinach and cream cheese wrap, cucumber dill and yogurt shooter, coronation chicken sandwich were good but not spectacular. We found it disappointing relative to the other Afternoon Teas we have experienced in Taiwan. The cucumber dill and yogurt shooter it taste like grass!
Second layer, the home-baked English scones served with clotted cream, Harrod's rose petal jelly and strawberry preserves. I love how the scones were still warm when served. The clotted cream and jam it's was perfect with the scones.
Third or top layer is the selection of tea pastries from the Harrod's Patisserie: We had fresh fruit tart, green apple macaroon, afternoon tea fruit cake, chocolate delice slice, raspberry fragipan etc. The fruit tart shell was very hard, macaroon was delicious, fruit cake was overly sweet but were good too. The chocolate delice slice was absolutely sweet heaven.
Back to the tea, the desserts, scones and sandwiches are missed without steaming tea pots. There were four of us so we got to choose tea flavors. The first thing that came is the tea, I chose blackcurrant and hibiscus tea.
For my husband and kids they chose a kind of tea that can add sugar and milk. A steaming silver pot of afternoon special- a combine medium elevations teas from pristine Dimbula region in Sri Lanka. Georgian blend tea- combine darjeeling, assam and chinese tea for its fragrance. Earl grey tea-lightly scented with oil bergamot. This is the real deal milk tea lovers, we’re not talking about the ordinary tea.
Accompanied by white and brown sugar cubes, a real authentic English style milk tea, not too sweet and not too bland. But probably not of the best milk teas we have had. Overall, I personally loved the experience, sitting there sipping a cup of hot tea and chatting with family for what we have done on this vacation. For the price £26 per person and £33 with champagne flute it was enjoyable tea time with them. The food it wasn't spectacular but delicious nevertheless, surroundings were beautiful, and the staff were so attentive. Highly recommend for Mother's Day or just a romantic tea party for you and your lover. We had a lovely time and plan on returning again in the UK but not very soon. I would definitely do it again, but will try a new restaurant.
Terrace Bar Harrod's London
87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge London,
United Kingdom
Harrod's Restaurant


tiarenie said...

the scones look delicious!

Pret said...

The scone looks really deli and nice to be a duchess for one day what else? Oh yeah la haute société? It feels your in a million bucks.