Sunday, January 17, 2010

Afternoon Tea

Follow the brief noon to eat at afternoon tea on the second floor restaurant Tienmu Sogo Department Store in Taipei, are provided pasta-risotto, sandwich, salad and Japanese-style dessert-drinks, ultra recommend afternoon tea, but we eat a full set of course, the main meal it has  a combination with bread before the soup, a large of selection of desserts and beverage and they are specialized  in Indian tea. Unfortunately, eating meals is relatively common with Western style, the main course there is no sense of what are the characteristics, somewhat incompatible appetite. But for the main course this is not the place to spend our lunch or dinner, we preferred Aunt Stella's Coffee, for the desserts this is the place where every girls it has to be the first choice. I strongly recommend and we definitely to come again for an afternoon tea.
 Afternoon Tea Living area, also you can buy some lovely home supplies are all well made from Japan.
"Soup of the day" Chicken and vegetable soup is acceptable
Fresh and warm home-baked soft bread it serve with butter
*Main Course*
Saffron seafood risotto rice, worse paella that my husband he ever had!
Smoked salmon and asparagus risotto with soft boiled egg. Not quite excellent, As its taste just well made or cooked by kindergarten.
Italian fettuccine with smoked duck and garlic sauce is okay.
Chicken spinach tomato cream pasta
Apple caramel tart, marvelous! apple flavor is one of my favorite of all, specially for desserts. Absolutely, I would loved to try  again.
Fruits au gratin, another wonderful taste of apple, the sweetness of this dessert is well balanced
Strawberry chocolate cake,,, although 3 of us we never try Charles cake. As its looks very temptation!
Mixed berries tart
White chocolate berries au lait,,,sounds delicious right? And yes it is!
Cold Caramel Indian Milk Tea
Hot Indian milk tea
Hot coffee
Afernoon Tea Sogo Tienmu Branch
Sogo Tianmu, 2F, 77, Zhongxiao N Rd Sec 6, Taipei City
台北市中山北路忠誠路口 捷運芝山站旁(步行約3分鐘)

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