Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fresh Strawberries

Miaoli is the Kingdom of Strawberries in Taiwan. During this period you always can find many places of strawberries farm in Taiwan. But we preferred to pick up the strawberries in Dahu Miaoli County, since in the time being, the taste and size are the best strawberries from month of Jan-Feb.
And you will see plenty of strawberry farms just next to the main road. Many strawberry are ripes and ready to pluck.We found this organic strawberry farm at Fun Taiwan Travel and Living Channel introduced by  Janet Hsieh. We been to the Strawberries Fields in Guansi and Taoyuan County several years ago. But this place is well recommend and is one of the best and award winning strawberry planters in all Miaoli and located in Malabang Mountain.
Strawberry is very weak and easy to be broken, you need to be very careful to pick it up.
My two strawberries (kids,,,left and right) and the master of all strawberry planters (mid)
After picking up the none pesticide or fresh organic strawberries. We went to Schokolake  near at Mt Sheipa tourist center you can dipped into chocolate fondue or warm melted chocolate sauce, the taste is very sweet and yummy.
In bed of choco sauce
Coated in choco choco sauce!
Ready to go for the first bite!
Afterwards we also had an afternoon tea. Schokolake is offer a very fine cakes, and homemade assorted chocolates.
Chocolate brownie and chocolate mousse cake
A box of yummy chocolates


Helen said...

Hey it's mhee Helen Tan, Yummy blogs! I like strawberries maybe I will book to Cathay. As it sound Taiwan it has a lot of delicious food just like in Hong Kong.

Lucca said...

My girlfriend will loved this strawberries as it looks so red and big.

Shiao Lien said...

Strawberries in Taiwan introduced by Japanese. There a lot of Strawberry farms in Taiwan and it grows earlier on winter seasons in Northern region. But Miaoli indeed is one of the biggest strawberries Japanese species and place to picked a huge and largerst size strawberries. Most of the farmer land is cover with strawberries sometimes its hard to choose which one of this field is the best to pick. Now its going to be summer, what they have in Mioali right now?