Friday, January 1, 2010

Aunt Stella's Coffee on the Last Day of 2009

Before we need to buy some of ingredients for the New Years Eve feast . Me and my husband we re-visited Aunt Stella's yesterday!. Can't find what we're looking for? There's no beef risotto red wine again. Because of the beef from North America was banned in Taiwan. So we try some of the meals  we never had before on our last visit. And we had a tagliatelle with red snapper in kimchi and  tagliatelle with crab in saffron sauce, it was amazing again and had a Russian fruit tea it was also served with jam strawberry jelly. On top of that, the food is always fresh. It is an independent coffee shop in a nice neighborhood. The emphasis is on good meals, coffee and tea with tasty panini, sandwiches, soup and cakes and cookies. I’ll definitely be stopping in on the next visit!
 Tagliatelle with seafood crab in saffron sauce
Tagliatelle with deep fried red snapper in kimchi sauce
An endlessly fresh baked apple pie
Hot Russian fruit tea
Aunt Stella's Coffee
2nd Floor Sogo Department Store Hsinchu City
Tel no: 03-5217680
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