Friday, January 29, 2010

Golden Mountain Fine Arts & Lifestyle

Golden Mountain Arts and Lifestyle restaurant is filled with old-fashioned tables complete with wooden chairs, red lanterns on the ceiling, well spaced seating, some Chinese art to reminiscent  the traditional old fashioned Chinese ambiance. The restaurant's interior is cast in an unpretentious light of a humble background, gardens, and fish pond, coupled with auspicious roof tiles and wooden ceiling exerting the true Chinese heritage. It is definitely the ambiance and architecture of this traditional style restaurant that is the main attraction.
We had a previous dining experienced here, in fact this is already our fourth time's, and here we are again! we came back for afternoon break. The set tea menu is the same meal on our first time we had an afternoon tea. A combination of set menu deal with bread tossed, Chinese dessert, Chinese tea in hot or cold, a scoop of haagen dazs ice cream, dim sum is more appropriately known as small portions of Chinese delicacies, is probably the proud signature cuisine of the Chinese culture. Foods were way better than last time which is still not too bad. Although the taste has nothing so special but for the price it was pretty good and pretty good serving size too.
Since the weather today a  bit warm is good to have a glasses of iced beverage. Milk tea, iced plum shake juice, iced coffee
Fried silk thread roll very crunchy is a deep fried version of steamed silk threads bun. Best served with sweetened condensed milk and peanuts powder.
BBQ pork buns are one of my favorite Chinese snacks and I was determined to try them again at our next visit.This little steam heated piece of heaven which I never failed to have each time we eat in other Dim Sum restaurant also.
Deep fried shrimp and sesame rolls, again this was really crispy and chewy.
Juicy,4 small one an order of pork dumplings, served with ginger and dark Chinese vinegar sauce.
Turnip cake
Red bean coconut jelly pudding so cool and refreshing.
Golden Mountain Fine Arts and Life Style
No. 13, 13th Jinshan Street, Hsinchu City
Tel no:03-5636296.5636085

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Anonymous said...

the architectural of the restaurant is quite very chinese indeed.