Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yuan Shao

After we had drove all the way from Miaoli, we decided to go for dinner at Yuan Shao Chupei Hsinchu Branch, a Japanese Yakiniku or BBQ restaurant that is part of the Wang Group. Which gives a fine simple set menu a lot of stuff!  with very nice clean environments.
This place has been a delight to visit, there is an artificial pond with plants standing in the water. And the walls on the corner of dining room have waterfalls which are refreshing and beautiful. Many other plants  have been added to create a natural atmosphere.
Tomato salad
Healthy spring roll salad
Fruits salad
Chicken soup
Seafood tomato soup
Original sliced beef platter
Mixed of meat
Sliced of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and duck breast
Since it was like eat all you can too, the staff kept on coming along with additional foods.
And serving us along this stuff: Kimchi, a stone grill hot of rice bowl, and stone grill fresh vegetables soup, and lemon shake.
Original burned ice cream, very delicate and yummy!
Panna cotta serve with brown sugar sauce,,,, it was nice!
Fried crepe with mochi and sweet red bean stuff.
Baked mochi with red bean soup not so appetizing, but it was good!
Hot green milk tea
Hot coffee
Lemon shake, fruit tea and black tea
Either the food was really good or we're all really hungry! Overall, it was a nice family dinner.
Yuan Shao
Road 112, Guangming Chubei City, Hsinchu
新竹縣竹北市光明一路112號 〈縣政二路口〉
Tel no: 03-558-6030

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