Monday, January 4, 2010

Pho Vietnamese Noodle House

I would say it was the best Vietnamese restaurant that we've had  and it was damn delicious.  I saw so much this place on the wall at the basement car park, and my husband he though about so much that the Vietnamese food not quite delicious! We've been in the Vietnamese restaurants before specially in Madame Jill's near by National Taiwan University in Taipei. And he really didn't like the food. We're tired of eating Western and Japs, Chinese foods, so today he won't  hesitate to try Pho. We order a plenty of their menu, some we had in other Viet-restaurants before.
On the first bite of the appetizer is the shredded chicken salad and spring roll, it was damn good! crisp it felt. The shrimp sugar cane it was tough and chewy. We had a taste of authentic Vietnamese noodles. The noodle soup it was fresh and clean. My daughter had her to try their superlative pho, noodles served in a beef broth with slices of rare beef on top.When it comes to dessert the coconut milk juice with jelly and shredded jack fruit serve in glass of ice, reminds me the taste of buko pandan a dessert from Philippines. The nice thing about this particular Pho was how clean and fresh.  Again, it's always great to find little go to places like this. So don't be snob about the Vietnamese cuisine. And this is the best Vietnamese resto we've ever eaten! and four of us will loved to come back again to try their other menu.
"Chicken Salad" the chicken tender, with the sweet caisi, peanuts, basil, cucumber, crisp goes well the taste is food for thought.
"Spring Roll" Steamed mushrooms, pork stuffing of rice rolls,crisp taste to catch the butter onions, stained with tasty fish sauce, I thought Filipino Shanghai spring rolls is one of the best spring rolls in Asean Cuisine. But after I had this spring rolls the taste must be called one!
"Sugar Cane Shrimp" Mud shrimp wrapped in sugar cane, when bit off fried golden crispy skin, with special transfer fish sauce dip dishes.
"Mixed Seafoods Noodle" Meat, squid, shrimp, and special flavor sauce.
"Chicken Curry in Coconut Sauce" Curry chicken leg serve with rice and a bowl of special flavor of soup
"Beef Balls Noodle" Fresh rich broth, smooth rice noodles, and smooth-tasty beef balls
"Fresh Beef Noodle" simple, but the soup is really great! with pieces of fresh beef and onion, bean sprouts, and squeeze onto the few drops of fresh lemon, and thin rice noodle its very delicious!
"Coconut Milk Ice Tricolor" Combines a rich color combination of fragrant coconut milk, red bean particles complete with a tight-knit mung bean jem, taste blend of cool, feed more refreshing features, rich and full of satisfaction. and "Vietnamese Coffee" With a drip pot, without machinery, so that drain into the coffee cup drop by drop, the elegant refined alcohol with special cream.
Charles and Claire had their both of Vietnamese white tea! It's sounds very different right?
Pho Vietnamese Noodle House
7th Floor Breeze Center Taipei

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