Wednesday, January 27, 2010

福大將 Fu Generals Tonkatsu

We had lunch  just 10 hours ago at a Japanese restaurant in Hsinchu downtown just beside the Hsinchu Garden. I'm afraid to say it is similar and I misinterpret with Azabu Sabo version. But Azabu Sabo which specializes in dessert and ice cream as well as traditional snacks and quick meals. And if you are looking for optional Japanese Tonkatsu  restaurant in Hsinchu  this is the right one,  though it's easy to find Japanese restaurant in Taiwan.
Fu Generals Tonkatsu are also provided a sophisticated and large selection of Japanese meals than Azabu Sabo. I'm not sure how else to describe Fu General Tonkatsu shop than to compare it to Azabu Sabo. They both offer through affordable degustation menus, the service is good, the interiors were clean and simple and reflected the casual dining theme.
Each table had stood a sesame sauces and tonkatsu sauce to access on your own taste.
Japanese tea with oriental aroma
*Jap's Tiny Appetizer*
Very delicate soft and refine texture "Cold tofu" served with Japanese soy sauce sprinkle with bonito flakes and spring onion! simple and lovely, I think it's a dish suitable for a hot summer.
Sweet black beans is one of my favorite Jap's appetizer on this Tonkatsu shop were especially good and huge.
Fresh white radish sprinkle with Japanese spice in sweet and sour taste, is very simple but something I very much like.
Shredded raw cabbage sprinkle with sesame sauce or tonkatsu sauce that leaves a fresh taste on the palate.
*Tokantsu Sauce*
As you wait for your meal  the waiter will serve, the toasted sesame seeds in a mortar and pestle, to be grounded till fine then mixed in with the katsu sauce for a added hint of taste and fragrance.
Tonkatsu sauce comes with Japanese mustard a thick black Japanese worcestershire sauce.
*Main Meals*
"Tonkatsu curry" the curry they use is flavorful and thick, which goes great with the rice and tonkatsu. Since Charles so hungry he never let us to try.
"Grilled Salmon" serve with rice the grilled salmon was quite nice and fragrant as well, cooked with the flesh still tender and not too dry it's like melting in your mouth.
Grilled beef in rice served with egg nothing so special but nice.
*Last Items*
We ordered a resembled dessert was a cherry pie,  a green tea cake and rich chocolate brownie topped with generous scoop of ice cream, cheese cake. It wasn't as original cheese cake variants but it was a satisfying ending.
Creme brulee include on the set meals.
Hot coffee for finale.
For a dish that is so simple it packs a lot of flavor, and is very enjoyable to eat. If you have a hankering for something a little different in Hsinchu from your typical plate katsu, then this is certainly a good choice.
福大將 Fu Generals Tonkatsu
East Gate Hsinchu City
None available
Tel no: 03-5257818

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