Saturday, January 23, 2010

London Tea House Taipei 101

We finally selected is the Taipei 101 in London Tea House United Kingdom State tea for our lunch this weekend, yes, we are not going to drink only a tea we had our full set main course. London Tea House is easy to recognize, on the fourth floor of  the central open space, this large open space for people and feeling very comfortable.
Package priced at noon here around NT$ 300 ~ 500, but also not expensive. Noon; not so many people, I think people come here to drink for afternoon tea or drink tea's at anytime. First impressions were good, the decor is impressive and the service was above average.
Following is the package accompanying of set meals is the cream of corn soup, very rich but also very plain. Here you can see quite a European-style dishes, giving the feeling like the exposure to the English court.
To start our meal we had a small amount of salad, likewise is similar with other restaurant
Followed by bread, roasted and crunchy but soft.
*Main Course*
Spaghetti carbonara
Spaghetti seafood in saffron sauce,,, quite dry!
Me and Charles we had their Hungarian seafood with cream risotto rice,,, all of our main course it was so plain, so so as we describe it. After the meal is the time for tea. Charles and his father had their both of hot milk tea, and cold milk tea for Claire, and I had a fragrant herb tea, serve in elegant teapot British style of painting a very delicate teapot that people can enjoy.
*Cakes and Tea's*
Strawberry tart filled pastry cream and a tower of fresh strawberries.
The raspberry macaroon layered cake on the right, it was unbelievable...Worth every calorie!
Opera rich and dense blend of chocolate ganache and espresso butter cream between layers of almond sponge cake
Mont Blanc
Milk tea
Black tea
British tea pot
Herb tea
Cold milk tea
I will recommend London Tea House is the ideal setting for high tea, with silver services bringing sandwiches, pastries, cookies, cakes, and of course a wonderful assortment of teas.
London Tea House
Located at 4th floor Taipei 101 Blg,
No. 45, Shifu Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
London Tea House Taipei 101 branch was already closed!

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